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MyQuickPitch.com was created by and is owned and maintained by Quipco, a limited liability company, in the state of Idaho.

Quipco, LLC is a company dedicated to designing communication tools that help find and connect people to each other. These tools, in the form of applications and websites, streamline the traditional processes of finding the right people for the right purposes, saving valuable time, effort and money. Our innovations provide job seekers and HR professionals the edge they need to effectively and efficiently find each other. You may contact Quipco, LLC by visiting our website at Quipcollc.com and filling out the information there, emailing us at info@quipcollc.com or calling, toll-free, at 888-644-6229.


MyQuickPitch.com provides
employers and HR professionals
the opportunity to actually see
and hear potential new hires
pitch themselves and share
their qualifications in 60
seconds or less.

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