Welcome to, the
employers’ and HR professionals’ tool for
finding, screening and determining qualified
individuals who meet your job qualifications
and match your company’s culture.

How It Works


Candidate library

Job seekers use the free app to record their pitch and upload it to our site. They choose a job category matching their qualifications and area of interest, geographical area of the country where they would like to work, and post it there. They receive a personalized URL that they can include on their resume.

Browse candidates

Employers and HR professionals like you, who have registered (on this website) and have paid the minimum amount for each month of access, can search for potential employees by category and geographical areas and then watch their video pitches.

Hire candidates

After finding qualified candidates you would like to interview, you can communicate with those individuals through this website, to make contact and set up the necessary details.
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Are you a candidate?

We’ve created a mobile app specifically designed for job seekers like you. You’ll be able to tell your story to potential employers who may be looking for someone just like you. Download the mobile app for your iOS devices for free.

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About provides
employers and HR professionals
the opportunity to actually see
and hear potential new hires
pitch themselves and share
their qualifications in 60
seconds or less.

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